Lightning Storm Inside A Volcano

Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose Of Internet! In this video, lightning forms inside of a volcano.

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Also in this video, a cat is sliding around on a kitchen floor. A person walking through a grocery store. A bird that can make funny and smart noises. A cat plays with a toy and gets tired. A man saves a sea turtle that is stuck. A squirrel wants to solve a Rubik's cube. A woman swimming with dolphins.

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  • monte
    montePirms Gada

    Somebody please give this squirrel a Rubik’s cube

  • Psycho XZ

    Psycho XZ

    Pirms dienas

    Yea a 128x128 one

  • Aysha Sharma

    Aysha Sharma

    Pirms 3 dienām

    I thought I was the only one that was disturbed by that.

  • Dat drunk dog

    Dat drunk dog

    Pirms 8 dienām

    Thought he would give him the rubik's cube

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    DKV TV

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  • KoolGamerC
    KoolGamerCPirms 53 Minūtes

    My School Hears One Lightning Screams Imagine Hearing that 0-0

  • Bowie Power
    Bowie PowerPirms 8 Stundām

    Looks like that one ultimate magic spell you spam

  • taco19had67
    taco19had67Pirms dienas

    wait i live in phillipines this is why i heard loud thunders

  • Dolby UA
    Dolby UAPirms dienas

    Yepp, never give a dammnn... Clickbait

  • Kim Y/N
    Kim Y/NPirms dienas

    I live near the volcano,and yes im from philippines....that was the worst experience ever...

  • MeowMeowYT
    MeowMeowYTPirms dienas

    1:16 pov: elexceed

  • Kristoff Lucas
    Kristoff LucasPirms dienas

    That's the taal volcano which was erupted last year

    TAiLZRACHiPirms 2 dienām

    villians lair: 0:03

  • i0Ta
    i0TaPirms 2 dienām

    Everyone is a gangsta until the quite kid made volcanic lightning model for school project

  • EExtremeEyoel
    EExtremeEyoelPirms 2 dienām

    2:51 You ruined my Chick-Fil-a 😒

  • Soul xs
    Soul xsPirms 3 dienām

    can i get pinned and hearted-

  • SwiftBlade4
    SwiftBlade4Pirms 3 dienām

    Where did you get the thumbnail image?

  • SwiftBlade4
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  • SwiftBlade4
    SwiftBlade4Pirms 3 dienām

    2:32 I actually saw this story on a public tv channel about Japan.

  • SwiftBlade4
    SwiftBlade4Pirms 3 dienām

    He should've given the rubrics cube to the squirrel.

  • Saatvik Sikri
    Saatvik SikriPirms 3 dienām

    That was not volcanic eruption that was entrance of Thor Odin Son

  • NewHorizonsDolly
    NewHorizonsDollyPirms 3 dienām

    Can we just appreciate the fact that he goes out of his way to do this

  • Reeses Boi
    Reeses BoiPirms 3 dienām

    The thumb nail looked so cool though

  • SlayerDeath 26
    SlayerDeath 26Pirms 3 dienām

    That thumbnail tho. ITS AMAZING

  • TheInsaneRazor
    TheInsaneRazorPirms 3 dienām

    The volcanic lightning reminds me of the Speed Force from The Flash on CW.

  • Luffy
    LuffyPirms 3 dienām

    So thats the taal volcanic lighthing

  • Quý Nhân Đặng Hoàng
    Quý Nhân Đặng HoàngPirms 4 dienām

    So Daily Dose of Internet literally clickbated us with the ultimate thumbnail

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  • Cowboy eg
    Cowboy egPirms 4 dienām

    i like it when my country gets featured in a popular youtuber

  • Blazing Cuber
    Blazing CuberPirms 5 dienām

    Thor has really set his foot on earth this time.

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  • Zionic Night
    Zionic NightPirms 5 dienām

    Great one other thing I have to put in my new game of survival

  • OfficialUni
    OfficialUniPirms 5 dienām

    God is real.

  • Minilla
    MinillaPirms 5 dienām

    Everybody Gangsta until you start to see a 3 headed dragon coming out of the Volcanic lightning Storm

  • True
    TruePirms 6 dienām

    Hey you! Get back to your studies!

    ØNE PACPirms 6 dienām

    God bless

  • Angel May Hortilano
    Angel May HortilanoPirms 6 dienām

    who here is filipino??

  • whattheegg 89
    whattheegg 89Pirms 6 dienām

    2:01 t perm 2:03 t perm again 2:04 another t perm 2:06 another t perm again 2:07 U4 and another t perm yet again 2:08 x perm 2:10 x perm again 2:11 R' F4 R U4 2:13 i think that's a g perm 2:15 g perm again (i think) 2:16 another t perm again (yes for the 6th time) 2:18 again, another t perm 2:19 U2

  • Akshay AndurkarGod
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  • Helga Hijarunguru
    Helga HijarunguruPirms 6 dienām

    Ok time to be honest,this guy never click baited us

  • crafter mavs
    crafter mavsPirms 7 dienām

    I live in the Philippines but the volcano is in Batangas and tagaytay in cavite

  • Shezha Madrigal
    Shezha MadrigalPirms 8 dienām

    the volcano from the video was called '' Taal Volcano'' location: talisay ( Shouthern Luzon island) kind of volcano: active complex volcano 311m volcano

  • Reiner Braun
    Reiner BraunPirms 8 dienām

    That volcano eruption was so big that even though I lived 50 kilometers away from it I could see the lighting and the ashes rising. I immediately thought of titans transforming simultaneously. I'm one of the lucky ones since the wind was blowing the volcanic debris away from where we lived. That volcano is actually quite interesting because it is situated inside a lake however there's another lake inside the volcano itself because the crater was collecting rainwater then there's a small island inside the crater. It's basically an island within a lake within an island within a bigger lake.

  • Pog Diamond
    Pog DiamondPirms 9 dienām

    nature is calm and blooming nature:

  • omar hourani
    omar houraniPirms 9 dienām

    Don't cows for slaughter get to experience the outside world?

  • Anonymous785
    Anonymous785Pirms 9 dienām

    I’m from the philippines and there was ash everywhere, tagaytay to manila, and the volcano after the eruption turned into a desert island

  • Zeldzame Zeeslak
    Zeldzame ZeeslakPirms 11 dienām

    The people saying ddoi doesnt clickbait, need to shut the f up

  • KUMA死
    KUMA死Pirms 11 dienām

    2:18 bro just give it to him.

  • Ravendarke 777
    Ravendarke 777Pirms 12 dienām

    I didn't notice, was there any fish in the underwater video?

  • Quentin Lavergne
    Quentin LavergnePirms 12 dienām

    And THIS, people, is the first time DDOI click baited.

  • Rianna Atencio

    Rianna Atencio

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    @Quentin Lavergne you're right :( thats a shame, hope he doesn't do it again

  • Quentin Lavergne

    Quentin Lavergne

    Pirms 7 dienām

    @Rianna Atencio This exactly screenshot is not in the video... Therefore, that's click bait.

  • Rianna Atencio

    Rianna Atencio

    Pirms 7 dienām

    ??? How so?

  • 2xbarret
    2xbarretPirms 12 dienām

    I actually saw that lightning volcano irl, a volcano erupted here in the Philippines before the pandemic started and we saw that, it was cool but terrifying

  • William Lyon
    William LyonPirms 13 dienām

    Gods Mad

  • Seth Swanson
    Seth SwansonPirms 13 dienām

    Ok the video wasn't entirely click bait but you're a POS for it not actually being just that.

  • Tamara Wenning
    Tamara WenningPirms 13 dienām

    The end is near

  • SEB
    SEBPirms 14 dienām

    2:10 he flexin those h perms

  • Julthatscool
    JulthatscoolPirms 14 dienām

    I’m very close from the eruption

  • Weird Me
    Weird MePirms 16 dienām

    Either Zeus is really mad or Rodan and ghidora however you spell the names are fighting

  • Leong Li Yang
    Leong Li YangPirms 16 dienām

    i enjoyed to watch the 2 human helping up the 2 turtle .... so sweet

  • Bycalene Eofie De Leon
    Bycalene Eofie De LeonPirms 17 dienām

    Finally someone who literally just said about something amazing in da Philippines 💕

  • Akshay Sharma
    Akshay SharmaPirms 17 dienām

    Now thor in storms will also subscribe to daily dose of internet.

  • Raided Cluster Animations
    Raided Cluster AnimationsPirms 17 dienām

    Somebody turned into a titan.

  • fluid!
    fluid!Pirms 17 dienām

    ey Philippines

  • GrimCoyote80978
    GrimCoyote80978Pirms 17 dienām

    Time to Animal Drift At 0:35

  • Michael Mercado
    Michael MercadoPirms 17 dienām

    Okay we get it you play with a rubiks cube 24/7 just give it to the dang squirrel. thats what everyone wants

  • TheYoutubeGaming2021
    TheYoutubeGaming2021Pirms 17 dienām

    You know what's that is firestorm

  • Defferian
    DefferianPirms 18 dienām

    yea thats just me getting the "lava strike" achivement in WorldBox

  • para de rir alek
    para de rir alekPirms 19 dienām

    oh no, he clickbaited us

  • Jorge Hernandez
    Jorge HernandezPirms 20 dienām

    It looks like flash

  • Unbeaten Gamer
    Unbeaten GamerPirms 20 dienām

    0:18 I see the anime protagonist has awakened the demon in him.

  • シchelseaシ


    Pirms 12 dienām

    Yea Dora sees that

  • 伊森Ethan Turnista-Quik
    伊森Ethan Turnista-QuikPirms 20 dienām

    The dolphins have quit the fin power for a Navy.

  • Godielou Quero
    Godielou QueroPirms 21 dienas

    In my Philippines is like that in cloud

  • Galahad Wr
    Galahad WrPirms 21 dienas

    People with seizure watching this video be like: Imma lay on the ground and shake while watching the lightning

  • phantom gamer
    phantom gamerPirms 22 dienām

    That's volcano Taal

  • Cassa Nova
    Cassa NovaPirms 22 dienām

    What breed is that dog at the end of the clip?

    POISON IVY GAMINGPirms 23 dienām


  • Jacob Torres
    Jacob TorresPirms 23 dienām

    The volcanic eruption in the Philippines is happening rn I think, I just saw a volcanic lighting

  • Arnel Dineros
    Arnel DinerosPirms 23 dienām

    When foreign people talk about Philippines.... Philippine people: We have been summoned

  • Frederick Fink
    Frederick FinkPirms 23 dienām

    whenever volcanic lightning happens : sasuke and naruto back at it again

  • The Baconhair
    The BaconhairPirms 25 dienām

    I think that volcano is named taal volcano, they say that volcano didnt erupt in a very very long time

  • Ernest Carr
    Ernest CarrPirms 25 dienām

    Thats no thunder storm thats the speed force

  • KateSinging InTheSnow
    KateSinging InTheSnowPirms 26 dienām

    1:10 radiates such "no way that's real" energy

  • abhinav .p
    abhinav .pPirms 26 dienām

    i am extremely grateful for you not putting sound in that thunderstorm

  • Kelly Dalstok
    Kelly DalstokPirms 26 dienām

    It was a bull, not a cow.

  • Goodzone
    GoodzonePirms 26 dienām

    While vegans try to save the animal world by Not eating and buying meat, THIS is what really saving the animal world looks like... 2:54

  • Liablemushu
    LiablemushuPirms 26 dienām

    People got to stop pisses gojo

  • Xitiza Limbu
    Xitiza LimbuPirms 27 dienām

    🤬😡 beautiful volcano wow!

    DAN GAMERPirms 27 dienām

    Godzilla stuff in reallife, the lighting inside volcano

  • Reyes PLAYZ
    Reyes PLAYZPirms 27 dienām

    I live in ph and that volcano is called taal volcano

    AVALELOCPirms 27 dienām

    0:35 someone needs to make a Tokyo drift meme of this

  • Rashmi Chand
    Rashmi ChandPirms 28 dienām

    In India you kill a cow Say hi to hell

  • river_line_railfan
    river_line_railfanPirms 28 dienām

    cat just pulled some tokyo drift 😭😂

  • MrHollow
    MrHollowPirms 28 dienām

    That black hamburger sure likes to jump :D

  • Whitty Gaming
    Whitty GamingPirms 29 dienām

    it is called taal volcano

  • Monkey Slasher
    Monkey SlasherPirms 29 dienām

    The girl with the bird looked like Kaley Cuoco.

  • Rushikesh Dive
    Rushikesh DivePirms Mēneša

    Man give the cube to squirrel for a sec.

  • Seth Dkny
    Seth DknyPirms Mēneša

    When rodan and ghidorah became a hybrid

  • Jayson Leo Soliman
    Jayson Leo SolimanPirms Mēneša

    Who's a Filipino here watching? :)

  • Y20whwh
    Y20whwhPirms Mēneša

    Bruh im a pilipino and when i remembered the lightning volcano i laughed cause there was a vid about it and a women shouted putang ina! Its a badword on philipines

  • Professional Dumbass
    Professional DumbassPirms Mēneša

    everybody gangsta until a walking fishbone and a bunch of naked red Giants come out of the thunder

  • XDarqness
    XDarqnessPirms Mēneša

    it fawking erupted on my birthday LMAOOOOO

  • Aishik Mukherjee
    Aishik MukherjeePirms Mēneša

    I thought it's gonna be like the Ice age movie lol

  • Rindelle Giou Crosszeria
    Rindelle Giou CrosszeriaPirms Mēneša

    Title: Lightning Storm Inside A Volcano My thought: *"A NIGHT FURY IS BORN"*

  • Deepfriedgamer
    DeepfriedgamerPirms Mēneša

    So cool now I can power up my Tesla!

  • Nishanth Thakur
    Nishanth ThakurPirms Mēneša

    the ligtning volcano shows thor.